Standard and grsec-patched Linux kernel images for all ARM-based NETGEAR ReadyNAS NAS

This page provides ready to use kernel images for all ARM-based NETGEAR ReadyNAS devices:

The images are u-boot images (usual uImage) made from kernel zImage with an appended .dtb, i.e. they are perfectly suitable for the original u-boot shipped by NETGEAR with their NAS. They are signed with my GPG key. The config files used to build the images are also provided (note that they can also be extracted from the images, i.e. kernel are built with IKCONFIG option). Instructions to use the image or rebuild you own image from provided configuration are also available. Do not hesitate to drop me a mail if you have any comment or suggestion.

Regarding grsecurity configuration, note that - as explained on Duo v2 and NV+ v2 pages - XN-dependent options (MPROTECT, KERNEXEC, UDEREF, etc) are not enabled (and cannot be) due to lack of processor support. Those options are enabled on ARMv7-powered NAS (RN102 and RN104 based on Armada 370 and RN2120 based on Armada XP).


Kernel version 4.4.1
Duo v2 : uImage-4.4.1.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-4.4.1.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-4.4.1.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-4.4.1.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-4.4.1.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 4.3.5-grsec-201602070910
RN102 : uImage-4.3.5-grsec-201602070910.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-4.3.5-grsec-201602070910.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-4.3.5-grsec-201602070910.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 4.3.5
Duo v2 : uImage-4.3.5.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-4.3.5.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-4.3.5.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-4.3.5.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-4.3.5.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 4.0.5-grsec-201506082251
Duo v2 : uImage-4.0.5-grsec-201506082251.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-4.0.5-grsec-201506082251.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-4.0.5-grsec-201506082251.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-4.0.5-grsec-201506082251.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-4.0.5-grsec-201506082251.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 4.0.5
Duo v2 : uImage-4.0.5.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-4.0.5.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-4.0.5.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-4.0.5.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-4.0.5.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 3.17.1-grsec-201410192051
Duo v2 : uImage-3.17.1-grsec-201410192051.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-3.17.1-grsec-201410192051.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-3.17.1-grsec-201410192051.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-3.17.1-grsec-201410192051.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-3.17.1-grsec-201410192051.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 3.17.1
Duo v2 : uImage-3.17.1.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-3.17.1.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-3.17.1.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-3.17.1.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-3.17.1.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 3.14.44-grsec-201506082249
Duo v2 : uImage-3.14.44-grsec-201506082249.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-3.14.44-grsec-201506082249.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-3.14.44-grsec-201506082249.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-3.14.44-grsec-201506082249.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-3.14.44-grsec-201506082249.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]


Kernel version 3.14.44
Duo v2 : uImage-3.14.44.duo_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
NV+ v2 : uImage-3.14.44.nv+_v2   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN102 : uImage-3.14.44.rn102   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN104 : uImage-3.14.44.rn104   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]
RN2120 : uImage-3.14.44.rn2120   [sig] [patches.tgz.sig] [config] [instructions]